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Icodeon is an ADL Partner and SCORM Adopter.

SCORM Adopter and ADL Partner

Icodeon Labs is the collaborative workspace for Icodeon and partners. Current research, future development and collaborative activities at Icodeon Ltd.


IMS Common Cartridge for LMS

IMS Common Cartridge This project looks at the use of web services to intgegrate SCORM content into the new format for content publishers: the IMS Common Cartridge.

The benefits include the ability to add SCORM content into a content "cartridge" and for a SCORM run time to be intgerated into a learning management system. Read mode...about: IMS Common Cartridge



Standards for UK Digital Learning Resources

BECTa Project This project explores conformance issues in digital learning resources in UK schools.

The results of the work will be used to inform future policies for e-learning standards used in content produced for UK schools.



Document Style Web Services in e-Learning

JISC Project This project describes an approach to designing, building and testing a particular style of web service: the document literal wrapped style.

The resulting web service provides the benefits of complete self-description, standards conformance, and robustness in the face of changing requirements. Read more...about: Document Literal Wrapped Web Services



Online Laboratories for Universities

On line laboratories This project describes work in Europe and the US to make university laboratory equipment available online and available using only an Internet browser.

The benefits include wider shared access to expensive equipment, and greater flexibility of laboratory timetabling. Read more...about: Online Laboratories



Web Service Orchestration for e-Learning

BPEL This project looks the use of web service orchestration between a question service, a sequencing service and a content store.

The benefits include the ability to flexibly author workflows around content and questions using a web service workflow language. Read more...about: BPEL


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